Our Way

Watch the interview series "Padakshep way" to know more about how we function, what we dream of, our principles, our goals, and our dreams.

with Arka Santra

In this video, Arka Santra is talking about his experience as the chair of Padakshep, what Padakshep has achieved so far, and how he got introduced to Padakshep in the first place.

with Sourav Medya

In this interview, Sourav Medya is talking about his motivation behind joining Padakshep, his tenure as the treasurer, and his thoughts on Padakshep's budget, financials, etc.

with Nabanita Ray

In this episode, we talked to Nabanita Ray, vice-president of Students' Padakshep. She talked about her motivation to join the Padakshep family, her role in the scholar management committee, and Padakshep Library. She also laid out the future goals of the organization.

with Trisha Nath

In this episode, Padakshep chairperson Trisha Nath talked about the work of the selection committee for the scholarship program of Padakshep. She also talked about her vision and how Padakshep is really an open platform for ideas for all volunteers.

with Ankur Das

In this episode, Padakshep board of directors member Ankur Das discussed his motivation to join Padakshep and what he thinks is unique about Padakshep. He mentioned how Padakshep can do better by bringing people from diverse academic backgrounds.

with Pratyay Mukherjee

In the episode, Students' Padakshep governing body member Pratyay Mukherjee discussed how Padakshep can take new directions in the future and the activities can be scaled up. He also discussed how engineers and people from other academic backgrounds can contribute.