Technical know-how

Enabling Mobile Access for Account

1st Step

When you try to log in to your account email (or Drive) from Google's Gmail app on iPhone/Android, it will ask you to install Google Apps Device Policy Profile for Padakshep has created its profile with Google Apps (G Suite) and it is verified by Google and Apple (for iPhone). So, please go ahead and install it. It is quick.

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How it looks like in iPhone

A warning but don't be scared

2nd Step

There will be a warning message for you which says that the administrator at Padakshep can collect personal data and erase your information. This is warning of disproportionate amount. It looks scary but the truth is the administrator at Padakshep will only delete your account information (not all data) from your phone if the need arises. The administrator does not have access to your data other than your email address, your last log in time and data usage amount (in GBs). Padakshep cannot read or access your personal or account emails or drive documents.. The administrator can reset the password but cannot access your password information. So, no need to freak out. It is absolutely fine to use your mobile device and/or smart device as we need you to stay connected to Padakshep all the time.

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Trust Padakshep

3rd Step

Don't worry too much here as well. The same explanation as above goes here too. The administrator have limited remote management access. Padakshep has no access to your own personal data including your emails within domain.

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Last Step

Go ahead and hit "ok". Padakshep administrator will soon give you the access. You are all set now. Enjoy Padakshep emails on your phone and other smart devices. Stay connected!

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Wait for some time

Endpoint verification

If you are asked to install endpoint verification, you may install it or choose to ignore. It does not matter for us. To know more about endpoint verification, please click here.